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Schiappa's Bulk Appetizer List
Banquet Room Use Only
Please call for room sizes

Schiappa's Appetizer Parties

Tea & Coffee or Soda comes with the room fee.

For additional details on size of room for different types of functions and different sizes of parties please call

Large Vegetable Tray (60-70 people)
Small Vegetable Tray (30-40 people)
Large Fruit Tray (60-70 people)
Small Fruit Tray (30-40 people)
Large Cheese Tray (60-70 people)
Small Cheese Tray (30-40 people)

Chicken Wings (200 wings)1 flavor (100 wings) - 1 flavor
Breaded Wings (200 breaded wings) 1 flavor (100 breaded wings) 1 flavor
Toasted Ravioli (240 pieces) (120 pieces) (60 pieces)
40 Breadsticks w/marinara
29" 36" & 40" Party Pizzas
Breaded Shrimp (12lbs) (6lbs)
Peel & Eat Shrimp (12lbs) (8lbs) (4lbs)
Chicken Strips (50 pieces)
Cheese sticks (40 pieces)
Chip & Dip
Green Salad (Romaine) per person
Pasta Salad (Oil based or creamy) 3 per person
Finger Sandwiches (Chicken or Ham salad) per doz
Homemade Italian Sausage Tortellini Soup (1.5 gallons)
Fruit Punch (2 gallons)
Champagne Punch (2 gallons)

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