29 inch Pizza Challenge Hall of Fame

The 29" Challenge For 2
Hall of Fame

Schiappa's Pizza Challenge

Think You Can Eat A Lot of Pizza?


Our HOF members won
29" Challenge


29" Pizza Challenge Winners

36 inch pizza challenge winners

Eager Hammer
Kyle Hanner and Ethan Teske
Date Accomplished: 6/16/15
Time to Finish: 30 minutes


36 inch pizza challenge winners

Team Food Challenges
Randy Santel and Mitch Dombrowski
Date Accomplished: 07/14/14
Time to Finish: 21 Minutes


Previous Winners

36 inch pizza challenge winners

Team Atlas Zeus
Randy Santel and Ramsey Hilton
Date Accomplished: 02/24/13
Time to Finish: 13 Minutes




PMI Pros
Craig Olson and Robert Hill
Date Accomplished: 12/02/04
Fat Boyz
Bobby and D.J. Cummins
Date Accomplished: 04/20/05
pizza contest
Hall Hunt and Joey Chestnut
Date Accomplished: 03/03/06
Space Dockers
Pat Bertoletti and Tim Janus
Date Accomplished: 03/03/06
29 inch pizza competition
Eagle Bo
Eric Macke and John Macke
Date Accomplished: 09/30/06
2 Big Betty's
Tom Wells and Josh Collman
Date Accomplished: 11/21/06
Pizza Wall of Fame
Not So Littlejohn's
Brian Belt - Todd Littlehohn
Date Accomplished: January 2008
Pizza hall of fame

The Pizza Challenge Winners!

The Constipated Couple
Ryan Maassen - Bill File
Date Accomplished: 8-10-07

Family Secret
Tim Williams - Ben Schloesser
Date Accomplished: 5-27-08

Pizza hall of fame
Sumo Brothers
III - John McConnell
Date Accomplished: 5-30-08
(no picture available)
Savage Omega
Kyle Smith - Neale Flynn
Date Accomplished: 4-4-08

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