Fundraiser Information

Schiappa's Italian Restaurant offers a Delicious and Easy way to Raise the Money your organization needs.

It's Quick! - It's Simple! - It's Yummy!

Quick -- Your organization has it's money within 2 weeks!

Simple -- 5 easy steps!

Yummy -- Have you tasted Schiappa's Pizza?!

1. Schedule your fundraiser.

2. Set your dates -- 2 weeks of sales is more than enough time.

3. Send in your orders -- we will meet with you to compile your final list and collect your payment. You keep your profits in your hands!

4. Pick up your orders -- 2 weeks after your order is turned in, we will deliver your pizza's to a pick up point for your organization to distribute*.

5. Deliver your pizzas and Enjoy!!

Pizza Type Selling Price Your Profit
14" Cheese Pizza $10.00 $4.00
14" Peppeeroni Pizza $11.00 $4.50
14" Sausage Pizza $11.00 $4.50
14" Pepporoni & Sausage Pizza $12.00 $5.00
14" Supreme Pizza $14.00 $6.00

**We will have the pizza's sorted for you by pizza type. They are not sorted by individual order. You will need to keep your order forms and hand them out at distribution. The pizza's are wrapped with baking instructions. If they are not going to be baked within 48 hours, we suggest freezing them.

Ready to get started? Contact Steve at 618-624-1900 or Julie at 314-258-1296.

PDF Fundraiser Info Sheet and Order Form - Click Here

PDF Fundraiser Pizza Info Sheet - Click Here

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